The Building Envelope

The building envelope is a component of the Alberta New Home Warranty. The Alberta New Home Warranty, mandatory for all new homes built for sale since 2014, requires that the building envelope be covered by warranty for a minimum of five years.
The building envelope, or building enclosure are the parts of the building that keep the outside out and inside in. Windows, exterior doors, the inside and outside of  the walls, ceilings and floors that face out, roof, sidings, insulation, vapor, air and weather barriers. The building envelope will also provide some degree of impact and fire protection, especially at attached garages, separations between units in multi family housing or between closely spaced single family homes.
The building envelope’s role of maintaining a comfortable indoor environment has expanded to meeting green house gas emission and energy reduction requirements.  Building codes and appliance energy consumption minimum standards have been updated with intent for reducing the energy consumed for heating and cooling. Predictions for climate change will also impact building envelope design, as local climates change,  building envelope design and  construction will have to change to adapt to a different climate.

The Framed House
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