Commercial Building Inspections

East Side does commercial and light industrial building inspections.
A commercial building inspection consists of;

  • Exterior; visual inspection of the property, fences parking etc..   Visual inspection of the accessible and safe to access building exterior, including, siding, doors and windows, exposed foundation and the roof covering, including roof penetrations and roof top equipment.
  • Interior; visual inspection of  the accessible areas of the interior that are safe to enter or inspect. Overhead doors and exit doors and locks are function tested using normal operating controls, latches, locks.
  • Visual inspection of accessible insulation, interior walls, ceiling spaces, mezzanines, interior doors function tested, plumbing, lighting, HVAC equipment function tested using normal operating controls that are, in the inspector’s opinion, safe to operate at the time of inspection.
  • Visual inspection of electrical panels with covers removed for panels up to 200 Amps and 240 volts*. Function testing of a representative number of accessible electrical outlets.
  • Assessment of safety equipment such as, emergency exits and lighting, the presence of fire, smoke and CO detectors, sprinkler systems, portable fire extinguishers and locations, stairs, hand rails, fall protection barriers, moving or rotating equipment barriers or shrouds.
  • An inspection report of the inspection findings and recommendations.

Clients for commercial inspection are advised to obtain all available maintenance records, age of roof, records of modifications made to the building exterior or interior including copies of building permits, electrical, plumbing or other permits from the seller.

East Side uses InterNACHI’s standards of practice for Home Inspection
*East Side can arrange for a suitably qualified electrician or other trade, occupation or profession to perform inspections for systems that are outside the scope of a general inspection.