Getting the most out of your home inspection

If you attend, and you follow me, watch what I am doing, ask lots of questions, you will get the most value from your inspection. Your attendance is not a problem for me, it is your inspection, you are paying good money for it, you deserve to get full value. Your schedule is not a problem, East Side is open for business week days, weekends, most holidays, any time of day with daylight (necessary for exterior inspection).

To make sure you that you can focus on your inspection, try to attend by yourself, or (just) with your partner. If your home inspection becomes a social occasion with many friends and relatives, you may find it difficult to divide your attention between your soon to be new home and your guests. If you have small children of an age where they need constant attention or supervision maybe find a baby sitter to leave them with.

Finally these are not rules, they are suggestions, it is your inspection, so make it the best you can make it.