Your Home Inspection

A home inspection is a visual non invasive inspection of the inside and outside of a home, the lot, walks, driveway, plants etc., that can impact the home  or the safety of people.  For greater detail on what is included and excluded see our standards of practice.

“Visual non invasive” means that inspectors are not able to take things apart other than inspection panels designed to be removed.  Inspectors are not required to move furniture, remove snow, or remove permanently mounted fixtures.   The wishes of the owner home owner have to be respected, and the safety will always come first.

You are invited to accompany the inspector during the inspection.

A report will be prepared following the inspection, and will normally be available within 24 hours.   The client  can request a printed report mailed,  an electronic report in PDF format by email, or for an additional service charge, a printed report can be hand delivered or (snail) mailed. sample_report

Reports are the property of the client.  East Side will not make a client report available to any one who is not authorized by the client.

Inspections starting at $200 for a condominium apartment

Greater Edmonton area, St. Albert, Sherwood Park, Spruce Grove, Stony Plain, Fort Saskatchewan, Devon, Leduc, Nisku, Beaumont, Calmar, Redwater, Morinville, Legal, Cooking Lake…

Inspections that East Side does not perform

Alberta Home Inspection Regulation prohibits;


26(1)  Neither a home inspection business nor a home inspector shall disclose the contents of a home inspection report, except

       (a)    with the written permission of the consumer,

       (b)    as required by law, or

       (c)    if, in the opinion of the home inspector, there is a serious health or safety risk.

(2)  A home inspection business shall not enter into a home inspection contract if the home inspection would result in a conflict of interest for the home inspection business or a home inspector employed or otherwise engaged by the home inspection business.

(3)  A conflict of interest under subsection (2) includes a payment from a person other than the person for whom the home inspection report is to be prepared.

(4)  A home inspector shall not conduct a home inspection if the home inspection would result in a conflict of interest for the home inspector.

(5)  A conflict of interest under subsection (4) includes a payment for a home inspection from a person other than the home inspection business.

(6)  Neither a home inspector nor a home inspection business shall provide a consumer with an estimate of the cost of any repair or improvement to a dwelling as a result of a home inspection.