Thermal image building inspection

Insulation voids on ceiling
Insulation voids on ceiling

A Thermal image is a visual display of temperature. If parts of walls, floors or ceilings doors windows, etc. have different temperatures a thermal image will reveal it, like the image above, where insulation was found to be missing from the ceiling of a new town house. Moisture, leaking door and window frames, missing or poorly performing insulation shows up immediately when a thermal imaging cameras is used. A thermal inspection is included in every East Side home inspection.

If all you want is thermal imaging, you have a cold room, or you suspect water is getting into your house or building, East Side can do a thermal building inspection. Call 780 477 2666, and tell me what you want to do, and I will provide an estimate based on an hourly rate.

For a thermal inspection of insulation, doors and windows, the outside temperature should be at least 10 degrees colder or hotter than the inside temperature.  For the Edmonton region, thermal inspections are possible in just about any season, even when the outside high temperature is 20 C or more, the time of day for the inspection needs to be chosen carefully, such as just before the sun comes up, when the expected temperature is coolest, or choosing a day when the weather forecast is for clouds and cooler temperatures.   The greater the temperature difference between outdoors and in, the better the results.