Out Dammed Ice!


As Winter retreats from Edmonton for a few months, it is an excellent time deal with any ice damming problem you might have had. Ice dams happen when uneven temperatures on the roof lets the snow melt on the upper part of the roof and  freezes again at a lower part. icedam3  When the weather warms, water pools behind the ice dam, unable to reach the eavestroughs.  Water that can’t run off the roof will run inside the roof, causing the damage to the roof sheathing in the attic you see here.damage1The white stains are mold growth. The culprit is also revealed, blown in insulation is preventing air flow and roof ventilation. damage2The black area was sopping wet. damage3
Someone added insulation to this attic without installing baffles or ensuring that there was good air flow. ATTIC EAVEAn insulated ceiling requires a well ventilated attic to ensure that the entire roof surface will be at the same temperature. The fix for this attic will require removing insulation from between the rafters and adding baffles, plus making sure the soffits are open so that air is free to circulate. roof-louvers800 If your roof had ice dams this winter, you should inspect your attic. You should be able to see the bottom of the sheathing all the way to the eaves, or you should be able to see baffles, and ideally some daylight at the eaves, indicating that your soffits are open. You should not see stained sheathing, moisture, rusted roofing nails points underneath the sheathing, or suspicious deposits. Inspecting your attic does not appeal? Call East Side Home Inspection 780 477 2666 and we will do it for you.