Inspections outside the scope of an East Side home inspection

Building code inspections.  In Alberta a code inspection is usually required for new construction or when major modifications are made to an existing building.   Code inspectors are hired or contracted by the local authority that issues building permits, in Alberta that could be a town or city, municipal district, county, municipality, or the Province (Municipal Affairs).  A code inspection usually follows  a  permit   issued by the local authority, after the work has been completed to a specified stage.  Contact your local authority that issues building permits before starting any renovations for advice on whether or not a permit will be required for the planned work.

Appraisals and property surveys.  An appraisal provides an estimate of the current market value of your home.  Appraisals are done by real estate professionals who are familiar with the local market.   For an appraisal contact a real estate agent or an independent real estate appraiser.

A property survey establishes property boundaries and the exact location of buildings, fences, decks etc..  Surveys must be done by licensed surveyors.

Wells and Septic systems.   Private water and sewage systems are outside the scope of a home inspection, wells should be tested by trained water well drillers familiar with the geology of the area the well is located.
Water sample testing for bacteria or chemicals is done by   independent laboratories or by Alberta Health Services.
A septic system should be inspected by someone trained in the installation, maintenance and testing of septic systems.